Jades Gemz Appearances. Will she see you out?

Charlotte Black Film Festival Presents: Fashion of Film Showcase

Are you ready for all the cultural fabulosity that’s happening on April 12th? Get your tickets! Jade will be hosting this amazing event. You don’t want to miss it!


The Queen on the Premises

The “Queen on the Premises” music video is now available on Youtube from artist/songwriter Kawanna KFlow! Jades Gemz was the wardrobe stylist for this talented local artist’s video and will continue to provide styling services for her in the future. STAY TUNED!


Art and Fashion Personified

Art and Fashion collaborate now more than ever. So what happens when a trendy rap artist travels around the world to take amazing pictures displayed at the Blind Whino in Washington, DC? A masterpiece, that’s what happens. Tabi Bonney is a Togo-born Washington DC-based rapper who loves to share his passion not only through music but behind the camera as well. Tabi is one of Jades Gemz favorite artist, so she didn’t need an excuse to fly to DC for one night to be a part of this beautiful cultural experience.




Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. – Coco Chanel

Jades Gemz Pop Up Shop

Valentine’s Day Inspired Looks

No matter what your V-Day plans were, I’m sure you celebrated in style! These are two natural looks Jade wore that were affordable whether wearing a sexy dress or dressing up a pair of jeans. The unbelievably HOT RED VINYL dress is a showstopper for a dinner date paired with leopard heels to give it that edge! ( Dress $35 @Dollskill ) Distressed denim was paired up with a leopard bustier to add a little sex appeal. This eye-catching ensemble was paired with mix/max prints and gold accessories.


Jades Gemz Pop Up Shop






New Years Eve Style

Congratulations to everyone who made it to 2017 and plan to CONQUER 2018! The outfits I chose for my New Years Eve photo shoot is the description of how I plan to live my life in 2018. First, let’s start with my hair which was inspired by the style icon, Grace Jones. Grace exudes confidence, and her ora is fearless alongside her unapologetic FASHION! ARE YOU READY TO BE FEARLESS, CONFIDENT, AND UNSTOPPABLE?

Sometimes in life, we are the reasons for dimming our light. It’s common for people to shy away from their purpose because of fear and the thoughts of others. I’ve decided never to doubt my life and always remember to SHINE! The dress and duster are a prime example of shining with my style which represents my mood all 2018! Whatever 2018 brings, just remember to SHINE and stay positive.



Charlotte Auto Show


Glam the Runway




Charlotte Collective


The Face


Casino Nights


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