How can Jade style you?


Fashion Stylist. Personal Shopper. Wardrobe Therapist. Last Minute Fab Grab.

Fashion Stylist – Jade has a creative eye that is on par with classic looks and trends, yet she has the amazing ability to make you stand out in a crowd. All styling encompasses both clothing and accessories. Individuals take advantage of this service typically for any public appearances or private events. Jade also collaborates with fashion designers and photographers for projects behind the scenes, as well as fashion magazines and media.
Personal Shopper – Jade is aware of the growing number of individuals (men and women) who either don’t have the time to shop, or, they’re simply not interested in the time it takes. Some individuals also take advantage of this service if they are looking to improve or increase their wardrobe. Depending on client preference, Jade is happy to shop for you alone, or alongside you, while providing tips and suggestions based upon your fashion goals. Jade’s goal  is to exceed expectations and ensure client satisfaction. Simply put – her goal is to provide you with the best experience ever!
Wardrobe Therapist – Open those closet doors! Jade will come to your home and/or business to examine your closet and help you find the strengths/weaknesses in your wardrobe. Yes, Jade will perform a SWOT analysis on your wardrobe! She will inform you of what items you’ll need to buy, as well as items that you should avoid buying – all  without breaking the bank. In addition, she’ll help you figure out what works perfect for your body type and how to put outfits together.
Last Minute Fab Grab – Just because time is running out doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. If you need a fab look quick, Jade is always on call! Call or send an “LMFG!” text or DM, and in 24 hours or less, she’s there for you. Of course, this service works best for local clients and (full disclosure) can incur additional costs depending upon service length of time. For clients located out of state or country, clothing can be shipped overnight but there is a fee for packaging. This, however, must be made aware to Jade 72 hours in advance.


Holiday Styling – Feeling festive and want to look the part? Halloween, Christmas, and NYE styling allows Jade to really tap into her creativity. It’s as festive for her as it is for you!

Contact Jade by completing the form on the CONTACT page, or feel free to send a DM

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